Web Development

Fullstack Developer

Logo of Independant

From 2018 until Current :
Mentor & Fullstack Developer working as Freelance Remote


PHP Backend Developer

Logo of Alhena Agency

From 2018 until 2018 :
Usage of Vagrant for environments, implementing a WebSocket with RatchetPhp & 0MQ, setting up unit tests with PhpUnit, creating Symfony maintenance commands, interactions with MongoDB by Doctrine, corrections of bugs


Development Mentor

Logo of OpenClassrooms

From 2018 until Current :
Support & Evaluation of students in diploma courses for Fullstack Preparation, Web Developer, PHP/Symfony Application Developer & Frontend Application D

Development Professions

Ruby Fullstack Developer

Logo of Meetphone

From 2018 until 2018 :
Usage of MongoDB, Docker & ElasticSearch, technological watch & search for solutions, rewrite the installation process